We are excited to announce the inaugural call for applications to the Cool Worlds Microgrant (CWM) program! Are you a striving science communicator in need of some extra support? Then read on.


We believe that science communication is a crucial component to our modern society, one which depends on science, technology, engineering and medicine (STEM) in ever increasing and complex ways. Scientists will know that finding funding to support your research is incredibly difficult these days, but finding support for science communication is even harder. The costs, connections and opportunities needed to build a successful scicomm career are also not universally accessible - leading to non-representative and inequitable platforms. The Cool Worlds Microgrant is conceived with the aim to increase the participation of science communicators from underrepresented backgrounds.

The successful applicant will be awarded a microgrant of $2000 to support a scicomm project described in their application. In addition, they will receive regular mentoring sessions with science communicators Dr David Kipping (videographer), Dr Moiya McTier (author/podcaster/presenter) and Dr Summer Ash (writer/manager/presenter). Only the first 100 applications will be considered. Applications are accepted internationally, but can only be evaluated if in clear English. Applications focussing on any field in STEM are welcomed, and at any stage of the applicant’s scicomm journey. Applications focusing on “new media” (eg. youtube and podcasts) are particularly encouraged but recognition is given that modern scicomm is inter-platform and multi-dimensional.


It’s easy to apply! Simply fill in the form below linking to a <3 minute video or audio recording, where you answer the following:

  1. What is your background and the background of the project?

  2. What are your project’s goals?

  3. How can CWM can support you?

  4. Why is this scicomm project important to you?

Applications should be sent before April 30th. In the form, under "Enter link to your submission", you may also include links to existing channels of your previous scicomm work but make sure they are not the first link. You can find the rubric we will use to evaluate applications here and we will choose an awardee by May 31st.


Thanks for applying!