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We are very excited to announce that it is now possible to directly support the Cool Worlds Lab through Columbia's Giving platform. This means that your money not only goes directly to our lab, but we will receive 95% of your donation and you will even be eligible for certain tax benefits.

We believe our approach here is unique and exciting. Our research leads to public communication. That public communication leads to your support. That support enables more research. A cycle where research and public communication are intertwined, in terms of inspiration, dissemination and now even enabling fundamental research. Join us.


The best way to support us is through regular donations, because put simply, research takes time. Your money will fund the Cool Worlds Lab directly, enabling us to buy equipment, support researchers, grow the team, and of course disseminate our discoveries. We currently fund our work through a mixture of private and public grants, but these place limits on the scope of the work we can investigate. Through your support we can be bolder, take on riskier projects and truly dive into the unknown!

We know many of our YouTube audience will be familiar with Patreon, but that's better for individual creators rather than research labs. By funding through Columbia directly, much more of your money actually reaches us, in fact 95%. Your dollars will go directly to a research fund held at Columbia University and is exclusively for the Cool Worlds Lab, so you can be sure your money is going directly to fund our research. We are looking to build a core group of regular supporters/patrons who are passionate about supporting science and scientific communication. You can also make a one-time donation, but regular donors gain access to various rewards at the following different levels. During the donation process, just enter your email address so we can contact you with your reward!

* Important: The Columbia platform cannot process donations smaller than $10. So the $2/month tier is actually billed as $24/year. Similarly, the $5/month tier is billed as $15/quarter.

How? Just click the links for the level you want. Then click "Add Gift" and then "Next" on the following page. After that you just enter your information so you can redeem your reward.

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